Jun Fan Lines of Attack

In Jeet Kune Do we train for every possible combination of the different "Lines of Attack."  One must be sure that he/she does not become too comfortable using merely one or two, instead one must learn them all and drill them all until they become second nature and one can flow into each without thought.  'Table A' and 'Table B' represent two of the possible lines of attack that may arise while in combat.  When you train, take a number from 'Table A' and letter from 'Table B' and combine them to create a combination.  When you do this you are covering many of the lines that may score on an opponent.

Table "A"

1 - Hand - Hand - Hand

2 - Hand - Hand - Foot

3 - Hand - Foot - Hand

4 - Hand - Foot - Foot

5 - Foot - Hand - Hand

6 - Foot - Hand - Foot

7 - Foot - Hand - Hand

8 - Foot - Foot - Foot

Table "B"

A - High - High - High

B - High - High - Low

C - High - Low - High

D - High - Low - Low

E - Low - High - High

F - Low - High - Low

G - Low - Low - High

H - Low - Low - Low

For example, if you took the number '2' from Table 'A' and the letter 'F' from Table 'B' and applied that to an Attack by Combination (ABC) you would practice a combination that went: (from Table 'A') HAND - HAND - FOOT & (from Table 'B') LOW - HIGH - LOW.  This could be expressed as "Low Jab to High Jab to Low Hook Kick, or as "Low Jab to High rear cross to Low side kick.  You should practice every possible combination of these tables, and experiment with different ways that you could 'express' each combination.

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