The 5 Ways of Attack

1.) Simple Angled Attack (S.A.A.): any simple attack thrown at an unexpected angle, can be preceded by feinting.  It is often set up by re-adjusting your distance with footwork.

2.) (Hand) Immobilization Attack (I.A. or H.I.A.: the application of an immobilizing preparation (trapping) on the opponent's head (hair), hand or leg as you crash the line to engagement.  The trap keeps your opponent from moving that particular part of his body, giving you a safety zone from which to continue.

3.) Progressive Indirect Attack (P.I.A.): it ispreceded by a feint or an uncommitted strike which is meant to misdirect your opponent's actions or reactions in order to hit an open line or gain a period of movement-time.  It is one movement which changes direction, but is preceded by a feint.

4.) Attack by Combination (A.B.C.): A series of strikes that follow each other naturally and are generally thrown to more than one line.  Each is used to "set-up" the next strike.

5.) Attack by Drawing (A.B.D.): An attack or counterattack initiated upon luring the opponent into a commitment by leaving him an apparent opening in your defenses, or performing movements that he may try to time and counter.

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