Jeet Kune Do Terminology

Jun Fan Gung Fu/JEET KUNE DO Titles of Respect

Students and teachers are required to use the appropriate titles of respect while conducting or participating in class.   

Si Jo/Sijo Founder of system –Bruce Lee Si Gung/Sigung Grandfather or teacher of your Si Fu –Dan Inosanto/Paul Vunak/Rick Manente Si Tai Gung/Sitai gung Great-grandfather or your instructor’s Si Gung – Bruce lee/Dan Inosanto 

Si Fu/Sifu Your instructor, your father in Gung Fu 

Si Hing/Sihing Your senior, your older brother 

Si Dai/Sidai Your junior, your younger brother 

Si Jay/Sijay Your female senior, your older sister 

Si Mui/Simui Your female junior, your younger sister Si Bak/Sibak Uncle, your instructor’s senior 

Si Suk/Sisook Uncle, your instructor’s junior 

Si Mo/Simo Your mother in Gung Fu, or wife of Si Fu 

Si Bak Gung/Sibak gung Elder Gung Fu brother of Si Gung Si Juk/Sijuk Nephew, student of 

Si Dai To Dai/Todai Student, disciple To Suen/Tosuen Grandson, student of 

To Die Yut Hing/Yuthing Number one brother 

Tung Moon Follower of same style 

Toshoon Student’s student (grandchildren) 

Gwoon/Kwoon School, gym (institute) 

Jee yau bok gik Freestyle sparring 

Gin Lai Salute 

Jiue Ying Opponent 

Lee Jun Fan  Bruce Lee's Chinese Name 

Joap Hop Line Up or Group Together 

Yu Bai  Ready 

Bai Jong  Ready Stance/Position 

Hai Begin   Lines of Attack



Bai Jong  ready position; on guard position 

Biu Gee  finger jab; "thrusting hand" 

Biu Sao  palm-down finger thrust block 

Biu Sao Da  palm-down finger thrust block and hit 

Bong Sao  bent-arm deflection; raised elbow block   


Chang Sao  spade hand 

Chi Gerk  "sticky legs" 

Chi Sao  "sticky hands" drill 

Chop Chuie  second knuckle fist 

Chuen Sao  "piercing hand" 

Chuie   fist Chum kil  "seeking to bridge the gap" 

Chung   centerline; vertical 

Chung Chuie   "vertical fist" jab 

Chung Geong   centerline block 

Chung Sim San  centerline 

Cup Chuie  "overhead fist" 

Cup Sao  "scooping hand"   


Da  to hit or strike 

Dan   one or single 

Dan Chi Sao  single hand "sticky hands" 

Daon Sao  low pressing hand Do or “Tao” Meaning “Way”, pronounced “Dao” 

Ding Jang  butting elbow 

Dum Tek  stomp kick   


Fak Sao  "whisking arm" knife hand chop 

Fon Sao  trapping hands 

Fook Sao  "bridging arm"; bent-arm elbow in block; hooking hand block   


Gan Sao  "splitting block" 

Geong   block 

Giu  upward 

Giu Chuie  uppercut 

Giu Tek  upward slapping kick 

Guoy   outside

Go  high 

Go Da   high hit 

Goang Sao   low outer-wrist block; low cutting arm block 

Gua Chuie  back fist 

Gua Tek  inverted hook kick 

Gum Sao  pinning hand   


Ha  low 

Ha Da   low hit 

Ha O'ou Chuie   shovel hook 

Ha Pak   low slap 

Ha So Tek  low inverted sweep kick 

Hon   rear 

Hon Chung Chuie  cross; back vertical fist 

Hon Tek  back kick 

Huen Sao  "circling hand"; small disengagement   


Jang   elbow 

Jao Sao  large disengagement; "running hand" 

Jao Sao Da  running hand and hit 

Jeen   lead 

Jeet  intercept; stop 

Jeet Da   stop hit 

Jeet Gek  "intercepting shin"; jam with the shin 

Jeet Kune Do   "The Way of the Intercepting Fist" 

Jeet Que  "intercepting bridge" 

Jeet Tek  "intercepting kick"; stop kick 

Jern   palm strike 

Jik Chung Chuie  "straight blast" or "battle punch" 

Jik Jern  straight palm 

Jik Tek   front kick/straight kick 

Jit Tek   straight kick with toe 

Joap Hop  "group together" 

Jong Sao  palm-inward block and hit 

Jong Tao  head butt Joy  left 

Juen Tek  spinning kick 

Juk Tek  side kick 

Jum Sao  sinking hand block 

Jung   middle 

Jung Da  middle hit 

Jut Sao   jerking hand 

Jut Sao Da  jerking hand and hit   


Kao Sao  "curving hand"; circling block 

Kao Sao Da  curving hand and hit 

Kow Tao  head butt 

Kup Sao  capturing hand; scooping hand 

Kwai   down 

Kwai Jarn  down elbow 

Kwoon   school or gym   


Lap Sao  deflecting arm 

Lau Sao  "scooping hand"; slippery hand Lie Sao  "pulling hand" 

Lin Lop Sao  cross grabbing hand

Lin Sil Die Da   simultaneous block and hit 

Look Sao  rolling hands drill 

Lop Sao  grabbing hand 

Lop Sao Da  grabbing hand and hit 

Loy  inside 

Loy Da  inside hit 

Loy Ha Pak  inside arm slapping hand 

Luk Sao  rolling arms   


Man Sao  probing hand; inquisitive hand, lead hand   


Na Locking or submission 

Ngoy   outside 

Ngoy Da  outside hit 

Ngoy Ha Pak   outside low slap 

Ngoy Pak Loy Da  "split entry"; outside slap and inside hit 

Ngoy Pak Sao   outside arm slapping hand   


O'ou Chuie  "hooking fist"; hook 

O'ou Sao  "hooking hand" 

O'ou Tek  "hook kick"; roundhouse kick 

O'ou Sao Da  hooking hand and hit   


Pak Sao  "slapping hand" 

Pak Sao Da  slapping hand and hit 

Pak Sao Ngoy Da  slap and hit outside of the arm 

Pak Sao Loy Da  slap and hit inside of the arm 

Phon Sao  trapping hands 

Ping Chuie  "horizontal punch"   


Qua Chuie  back fist 

Quan Sao  combination of bong sao and Tan Sao (simultaneous)   


Sao  hand 

Soe Gerk  foot sweep 

Sot Kil   hammerfist 

Sou Tek  heel hook kick 

Sung Da  high hit 

Sung Loon Sao  high horizontal arm block 

Sut  knee Sut Sao  knife-hand strike   


Tan Sao  palm-up block 

Tan Sao Da  palm-up block and hit 

Tok Sao  lifting hand 

Tut Sao  freeing hand   


Woang cross 

Woang Jern  side palm 

Woang Pak Sao  cross hand slap cover 

Wu Sao  "defending hand"; rear hand

-Y- Yow  right


  1. Arm Resting on Opponent’s with Hit – Fook Da
  2. Centerline – Jung Seen Choy
  3. “Energy,” "Spirit" or "Breath," – Chi
  4. First Wing Chun Form Called “The Little Idea” - Sil Lim Tao The Way      Of The Intercepting Fist - Jeet      Kune Do
  5. Palm up pulling deflection using the edge of the thumb/wrist area      (sometimes confused with Tan Sao, though they do look similar) to redirect      the force of a linear strike always done from the outside line - Lai Sao
  6. Simultaneously defend and hit (Lin Sil Dai Dar) - Lin Sil Da
  7. Stop Hit or Intercepting Hit - Jeet Da
  8. Straight Blast Meaning Straight Vertical Fist. Used For Overwhelming      an Opponent With Vertical Fists Down His Center to Find the Opening Using      Forward Energy - Jik Chung Choy
  9. Low hit - Ha Da
  10. Middle hit - Jun Da
  11. High hit – Go Da

Hand Techniques

  1. Finger Jab – Biu Jee
  2. Straight Blast – Jik Chung Choy
  3. Vertical fist – Ch’ung Chuie
  4. Backfist – Gua Chuie
  5. Slapping hand – Pak Sao
  6. Grabbing hand – Lop Sao
  7. Jerking hand - Jut Sao
  8. Running Hand – Jao Sao
  9. Energy Hands – Chi Sao
  10. Knuckle fist – Chop Choy
  11. Hooking fist – O’ou Chuie
  12. Horizontal fist      – Ping Chuie
  13. Centerline –      Jung seen choy
  14. Arm resting on      opponents with hit – Fook Da
  15. Backfist      – Gua Choy
  16. Cross      (as in Jab, cross) - Wu Choy
  17. Extended      Knuckle Fist/Punch – Chop Choy
  18. Fist –      Kune
  19. Hook      Punch/Fist – O’ou Choy
  20. Horizontal      Punch/Fist – Ping Choy
  21. Intercepting      Hand, as used with the biceps stop – Jeet Sao
  22. Jab      (lead punch) – Maun Choy
  23. Later      Hammer Fist Strike or a Chop With a Closed Fist - Lao Sing      Choy
  24. Low      Slap - Ha Pak
  25. Outside      Cross Slap - Wong Pak
  26. Slicing      hand or commonly known as to Chop - Sut Sao
  27. Straight      Blast – Jik Chung Choy
  28. Thrusting      Fingers - Biu Gee
  29. Thrusting      Hand      - Biu Sao
  30. Uppercut - Jin Choy
  31. Vertical      Fist – Ch’ung Choy
  32. Vertical      Palm Strike - Jern

Foot Techniques

  1. Kick –      Tek
  2. Front      Leg - Maun Tek
  3. Rear      Leg - Wu Tek
  4. Shin      Block - Jeet Gerk
  5. Back      Kick - Hou Tek
  6. Back      Side Kick - Hou Juk Tek
  7. Heel      Kick - So Tek
  8. Hook      Kick – O’ou Tek (sometimes spelled “Now Tek” due to the sound of the word      with an almost silent “N”) - (commonly known as a round house kick in      other martial art styles) Bruce Lee referred to the round kicks as Hook      kicks
  9. Intercepting      Kick - Jeet Tek
  10. Inverted      Hook Kick - Gua Tek
  11. Rear      Kick – Hou Tek
  12. Side      Kick – Juk Tek
  13. Spin      Kick - Juen Tek
  14. Spinning      Heel Kick - Juen So Tek
  15. Stomp      Kick - Dum Tek
  16. Straight      Kick or Front Kick With Toe - Jik Tek
  17. Straight Kick – Jik Tek
  18. Side Kick – Juk Tek
  19. Hook Kick – O’ou Tek
  20. Rear Kick – Hou Tek

Trapping Hands (Fon Sao)

  1. Front Hand, Inquisitive hand or asking hand - Maun Sao
  2. Rear      Hand or Protective Hand – Wu Sao
  3. Circling      Hand – Huen Sao
  4. Deflecting      Hand (Raised Elbow) - Boang Sao
  5. Dummy      Hand - Jong Sao
  6. Elbow – Jang
  7. Energy      Hands/Sticky Hands – Chi Sao
  8. Grabbing      Hand – Lop Sao
  9. Head      Butt - Kou Tao
  10. Horizontal      Deflecting Hand - Fuk Sao or Fook Sao
  11. Jerking      hand - Jut Sao
  12. Knee      Strike - Saat Da
  13. Lifting      Arm/Hand (lifting under the elbow(s) like you would see in the way the      Mook Jong forms end) - Tok Sao
  14. Outer      Wrist Block - Gon Sao
  15. Palm      Up Deflecting Hand) - Tan Sao
  16. Pinning      Hand - Gum Sao
  17. Running      Hand – Jao Sao
  18. Rolling      Hands - Lok Sao One Hand Energy Hands Training - Don      Chi Sao
  19. Scooping      hand - Cup Sao
  20. Slapping      hand – Pak Sao
  21. Wing      Chung Dummy - Mook Jong